We are thrilled to offer two brilliant workshops from two remarkable performers, storytellers, and teachers. You can choose just one, or take both!

The workshop will be hosted at the Tranzac at 292 Brunswick Avenue.

Saturday | March 9 | 12 – 3pm

Improv for Storytelling with Christel Bartelse

This workshop will focus on guided improv exercises to help you build confidence in your storytelling ability and loosen your inhibitions. Through a variety of interactive games and exercises, you’ll gain inspiration to be more spontaneous, find your authentic voice, and as a result, develop a deeper connection with any story. You’ll learn how to take risks and fail (but gracefully), and with wild abandon.


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Sunday | March 10 | 12 – 3pm

Where the Truth Lies with Nisha Coleman

In this intensive workshop, we examine what it means to tell the truth while not being shackled by the facts. We invite the imagination into our storytelling practice and learn to play with the truth, building scenes to support our reality and learning to let go of exactitudes. We explore ways to fill in the blanks when our memory is foggy and select just the right details when we have many to choose from. With exercises, discussion and play, you will get closer to the most important thing: your truth.


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You can take both workshops for $60!

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