Community Storytelling Project

Have you always wanted to tell your own story on stage? Designed for first-time storytellers, this FREE full-day workshop will teach you how to craft, and then tell your own story – that very same day!  

Replay Storytelling is excited to partner with Soulpepper Theatre to present this special fast track storytelling training and performance event. 

Broken into three sections throughout the day, seasoned storytellers will take you through the steps on how to take a moment of your life and share it with an audience. 

That evening, you and your fellow first-time storytellers will take the stage at Soulpepper Theatre to perform the piece you workshopped for the public.  

Any first-time adult storyteller (19+), no prior experience 
Must be able to commit to the full day of workshops plus evening performance 

Saturday July 27 
Workshop: 10am-6pm (with breaks) 
Performance: 7-9pm 

About Soulpepper Theatre
Soulpepper is Canada’s leading artist-driven theatre company. We believe that stories can connect us, that they are vital to our understanding, compassion and knowledge, and that they can motivate us toward social change. We are passionate, understanding, and inclusive, instilling the values of belonging, excellence, and innovation in all we do.