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I’m not from Toronto, but want to submit a story for one of your shows, is that possible?
YES! With all our shows being produced in a true hybrid format, anyone from around the world can submit a story to be told at Replay Storytelling! Just remember our shows take place in Eastern Time, out of Toronto, Canada. 🙂

Hybrid? What does that mean?
Even though we can safely return to in-person shows in Toronto, we still want to make sure our international audience and storytellers still have access to perform at our shows from afar. So, we are going to project our out-of-town storytellers in the venue, and also broadcast the entire show live online.

Does my story have to be true?
Yes, you story needs to be true, and about you. We are an all-true storytelling show, where you are invited to share a true story about an experience you lived.

How long should my story be?
Your story should be about 7 – 10 minutes in length, which is about three pages written out.

Do you need me to send you the full story, written out?
Yes. For us to fairly choose the right stories each for each show, we need to know the full story. A summary or abridged version only gives us the idea of what the story is about. For us to give you a fair chance, we need to read your full story.

I’m a first time storyteller, and I’ve never performed anything on stage, can I still submit a story to one of your shows?
Absolutely! We want you to. We will pair you up with one of our producers, who will workshop your story with you, and help you shape the show.

Do you help us prepare our stories for your show?
Yes. Regardless of experience, from first time storytellers to the seasoned professionals, we pair our chosen storytellers for each show with one of our producers to help you shape it for our stage. It is a collaborative process that is designed to give you an outside ear, and provide you with useful feedback.

But I’m a professional storyteller who has performed on many stages, do I sill have to meet with one of your producers before I perform?
Yes. As a professional storyteller, you know the importance of the feedback process, and while your experience is an asset, our experience will help you prepare your story for our stage, and our audience.

Do storytellers get paid to perform at Replay?
Yes, in return for your hard work, we offer a honorarium to each of our storytellers. Our honorarium is $20 (CDN) per story.

Can I bring any notes with me on stage?
We want the stories you share to feel raw and organic, so we don’t want you to have any notes with you on stage.

How many storytellers perform at each show?
We usually have five to six storytellers at each show, but there are times where we squeeze in a seventh.

If you have anymore questions, please do get in touch with us, you can email us:, or fill out the form here.

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