World’s First 24-Hour All-True Storytelling Festival, Online.

We want to do something more, something that will bring people together, especially during this time of imposed self-isolation. We are excited to announce the world’s first 24 HOUR ALL-TRUE STORYTELLING FESTIVAL, ONLINE.

We are going to bring the world together for 24 hours — sharing all-true personal stories from every corner of the globe, one time-zone at a time, all online.

The theme will be, WHEN THE IMPOSSIBLE BECOMES POSSIBLE True personal stories of unexpected surprises, human resiliency, and coming through on the other side.

Storytellers, and producers from across Canada, and around the world, we want – and need you to be a part of this!

Please fill out the form found here, if you want to tell a story and be a part of this!

Frequently asked questions:

When will the festival happen?
Our goal is the end of April, beginning of May.

How many storytellers do you need?
Around 120 storytellers.

Does submitting my story guarantee I will be performing at the Festival?
We are expecting a lot of submissions. We cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to perform at the festival.

Will the storytellers performing be paid for their performance?
Everyone working on this is volunteering their time. While we would love to pay the storytellers, right now we cannot.

I produce a storytelling show in my city, how can we help?
We want your help, please get in touch with Replay Storytelling’s Artistic Director Paul Aflalo:

Does my story have to be in English?
For now yes, but we are working on this, we want this to be as inclusive as possible! (If you have suggestions and ideas on how to make this happen, please do get in touch.)

Does my story have to be true?
Yes, this is an all-true storytelling festival, where you are invited to share a true story about an experience you lived.

How long should my story be?
Your story should be about 6 – 8 minutes in length.

Why are you doing this?
So many reasons, but the most important is because the world is in isolation, some of us can’t even leave our homes. We want to bring a sense of community to everyone, and sharing our personal stories – our shared experience – is one of the most beautiful ways to do just that.

What if this isolation comes to an end before the show is presented, will you still do this?

We want to sponsor this event, who should we speak to?
Please email, Paul Aflalo,

I have more questions, who should I get in touch with?
Please email us:, we want to hear from you!

You can also sign up here: